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Digital Images

To speed up assessing processes and to monitor the work we do on your car, we take digital photographs of your car during our onsite quotation and throughout your repair. These images are then sent off to your insurance company, along with a repair quote to be viewed and assessed online.

This is known as digital assessing. The advantages are that in 90% of cases it relieves the customer from having to bring their car into the workshop a second time after the initial quotation has taken place. In the past insurance companies could acquire the car for a number of hours or even a whole day in order to assess and approve your car. Digital assessing has removed the hassle of being without a car for a period of time for the vast majority of our repairs.

Digital images, along with video surveillance of your car throughout the repair process means that your car is well monitored the entire time it is in our workshop. Giving many customers peace of mind that the car and contents are in safe hands.

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