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Car Insurance Crash Repairer

Car Insurance Crash Repairer in Adelaide

We are proud to be represented as an Authorised Crash Repairer one of the largest portfolio’s of insurance companies in South Australia. This is achieved through years of maintaining proven quality, efficiency and customer service levels and creating a strong level of trust with customers and insurance companies.

As an Authorised Crash Repairer, our customers benefit from our ability to make the entire insurance repair process much quicker and easier. Once a claim has been made we are able to manage the entire repair process for you, providing customers the convenience of only needing to deal with one company for majority of the repair process.

We are one of very few selected and trusted crash repairers who have the unique ability and authority to self assess repairs for various insurance companies. This allows us to assess and book your repairs within the same appointment. We also have the ability to perform digital assessments for several insurance companies, reducing the inconvenience customers can face when having to leave their car onsite until an insurance assessor is available to view it in person. For more information on self assessment and digital assessments, see below.

The Advantage of having self assessing authority is that our staff can perform the assessment on-site at the same time as your initial quotation; averaging 15 minutes to complete the process. We are then able to book a repair date in the same appointment which results in a faster repair turnaround time, with your insurance company inspecting your car during the repair process rather than before.

Only a select number of crash repairers in South Australia have this kind of authority and trust from insurance companies. Hence, we are very proud to have a proven and reliable track record with insurance companies that they have allowed us this accreditation. Without this accreditation, customers are generally required to wait for their insurance company to assess and approve their car repairs before they can commit to booking an actual repair date. This can sometimes take days or weeks to come through from your insurance company.

Digital assessing involves taking photos of your car during our onsite quotation. These photos are sent to the insurance company along with a repair quote to be viewed and assessed. The advantage of digital assessing is that in 90% of cases it alleviates the customer from having to bring their vehicle back to the workshop for a second inspection by an insurance assessor. Historically, insurance companies may require the car for a number of hours or even a whole day in order to assess and approve repairs. Digital assessing has removed the hassle of being without a car for a period of time in a vast majority of cases.

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