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Car Dent Repairers in Adelaide

Car Dent Repairers in Adelaide

Dent repairs performed in our workshop are classified as either a paintless dent repair or dent repair and paint.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is performed onsite by our specialist technician who is able to remove a number of dents without the need to re-paint the panel(s) afterwards. This type of repair method can significantly reduce the cost for customers by removing the costs associated with paintwork.

A dent repair and paint takes place when the nature of the dent is more extreme and does not allow for PDR. In these circumstances upon completion of the repair process, the panel will then require repainting at the site where the dent occurred.

We are fortunate enough to have staff who are skilled and qualified to perform both these styles of dent repairs. This helps us reduce costs in many dent repair procedures and also save on the need for replacement panels.

If your car has been dent by hail, another car, an object or something else please give us a call today. Our crash repairers are ready to help you get your car back into working order.

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